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Pepsi Generation

October 26, 2010

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  1. October 27, 2010 3:15 am

    I prefer coke, but I like the raincoat!

  2. sophie permalink
    October 27, 2010 6:42 pm

    her hair is so perfectly gorgeous! i love it! great photo!

    • October 27, 2010 6:49 pm

      Thanks Sophie! Her hair IS gorgeous!! And I love her Ray-Bans:)

  3. Dougie permalink
    October 28, 2010 8:15 pm

    This is better than the Cindy Crawford commercial in the mid 90’s.
    She may be the most beautiful girl in the world.

  4. Tommy C permalink
    October 28, 2010 9:13 pm

    Is she single? What I would do…

  5. October 29, 2010 9:28 pm

    any idea where that coat is from?! LOVE it

  6. diva permalink
    November 1, 2010 4:10 am

    That coat is Ali ro ……can be bought at Neiman Marcus.

    • Brian permalink
      November 1, 2010 2:25 pm

      Or Nordstrom’s! Lol…

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